Disposal of dead livestock has long been a challenge for livestock producers.  As rendering costs rise and risk for liability increases - incineration has become a cost effective solution to this long existent problem.


Cremation of dead animals stops the spread of disease in many ways... 

1) Rendering trucks stay away from your facilities.

2) The incinerator is on-site so you can dispose of carcasses immediately.

3) The burning process destroys microorganisms.


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A smart alternative to livestock rendering!

Phoenix Animal Carcass Incinerators are designed with the producer in mind.  Built in features make loading of animals and removal of ashes easier. 

Call us today to help with your specific application... Our designers and fabricators can also make custom units that will meet the needs of your unique production facility.

Quickly handling dead livestock help you keep your herd healthier.

Safer disposal practices ensure a healthier herd.  A fast and easy incineration process will keep the rest of your herd healthy.  This on-site solution to an age old problem will keep the rendering truck off your property further reducing the spread of disease.

A tradition of quality products...

Siebring Manufacturing has been building products for growers and producers since 1910. 

Rendering - a thing of the past...

  • Rendering is quickly becoming an obsolete process.
  • Costs to producers continue to increase as concerns about spreading disease is also growing.
  • Liability concerns for all parties involved are rising.




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