A better overall product starts with a better design.  We've studied other cremators -- and feel confident that you'll be pleased with the features and conveniences that are built into the Phoenix Incinerators.


Middle English fenix, from Old English, from Latin phoenix, from Greek phoinix
: a legendary bird which according to one account lived 500 years, burned itself to ashes on a pyre, and rose alive from the ashes to live another period


Better disposal practices throughout the livestock industry result in confident shoppers in the grocery store.

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The Phoenix Animal Carcass Incinerator offers many advantages over other units on the market...


Model 6045

The top cover of the Phoenix Incinerator is hinged -- so the top half of the unit is completely removed as you easily turn the hand crank.  The dead animals are easily placed on the rack inside the unit.  Imagine squeezing a 400# hog through a small door on competitive models.

This unique "Birds Mouth" opening also allows for easy cleanout of ashes.  This is easier than maneuvering yourself and a scoop into a small door on other units.

The Phoenix Model 8460 shown at right features a double-door opening which allows for easy access to the incinerator's grate area.  This saves time and effort during loading and unloading.

Model 8460

stainless steel construction

The stainless steel construction used in our incinerators provides a lasting finish that will not chip, rust, or peel like painted burners.  No paint & finishing labor also means a lower overall cost passed along to you.

easy operation means more productivity

One button start on the burner and built in timer allow you to start the incinerating process and return to your other work quickly.

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